Intelligence Reporting Insights for Amazon: Organic Rank and Share of Voice
Amazon Organic Rank and Share of Voice Reporting
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Intelligence Reporting Insights for Amazon: Organic Rank and Share of Voice

Patrick Quaggin-Smith, April 7, 2020

Amazon’s advertising platforms display performance metrics without added insight to the impact advertising is having on the success of your entire account.

Savvy marketers are forced to pull reports from various Amazon sources and a variety of 3rd party products as they try and build a holistic dashboard to understand and analyze the true health of their business.

Where and how often a product appears on the Amazon search results page (often referred to as SERP) has a dramatic impact on sales. But how can you measure this impact?

Two incredibly important metrics to measure are organic rank and share of voice (SOV).

These metrics are vital because they represent the relative success of your brand on any given search relative to your competition and are directly correlated with total revenue growth.

Amazon Search Page Organic Rank Changing

At Perpetua, we are extremely excited to offer Organic Keyword Rank and Share of Voice tracking in app as part of our Intelligence reporting analytics. We’ve partnered with a third-party data provider to allow our customers to track organic keyword rank and share of voice on every search term for every product.*

Not only will we provide advanced tracking of these two metrics, in true Perpetua fashion, we have built out visual reporting, with the ability to analyze and graph these two metrics alongside any other key metrics. Our customers can now can easily understand the interplay between attributed and organic metrics, and they can use the tools within Perpetua to optimize for both.

Organic Rank and Share of Voice Reporting in Perpetua

Organic Keyword Rank on Amazon

Organic keyword rank is the position on the SERP that your product(s) appear organically, usually beginning after the Top-of-Search sponsored placements. For example, if you appear as the first non-sponsored listing, you have an organic rank of one, which is really good.

Sales for any given search term are heavily influenced by its organic rank on the SERP. There are a ton of factors that result in a strong organic rank position: ratings, reviews, conversion rates, to name a few. Many of these metrics are out of your control, and speak to the demand for a product and underlying market conditions. However, our data has shown the most predictable way to manipulate organic rank within one’s control is through advertising. Specifically, one can identify flagship category keywords, and use Keyword Boost (in app) to appear more often in the SERP on these keywords. Doing so will increase impressions, “add to carts”, and sales which tells Amazon that people want to buy this product when they enter a certain search term and thereby the product’s organic rank on that search term should improve.

How it works in Perpetua

Since we implemented this feature, we began tracking the top 10,000 search terms and will be allowing our customers to do so as well.

We believe that all of our customers will benefit from this invaluable market intelligence. With Perpetua, you get your first tracked search term for free, and if you want to track more, we offer different packages based on your needs. Chat with your dedicated data strategist, or send us a chat to learn more (note: due to our 3rd party partnership we have to charge for tracked search terms beyond your first one for free).

You can track Organic Keyword Rank in two places:

1. In the Intelligence section of our app under Search Rank 2. Within a Sponsored Product goal under Search Rank

Amazon Organic Rank Search Term Goal Deep Dive in Perpetua

We encourage our customers to track changes in advertising strategy alongside Organic Keyword Rank as a foundational data point in optimizing for profitability.

Share of Voice Tracking

Share of voice, on the other hand, is the percentage of a search results that are made up by your products for a given search term. In other words, share of voice is the percentage of Amazon’s digital shelf that you are winning. For example, if you have 5 products displaying on a search results page out of a total of 50 listings, you have a 10% SOV.

Share of voice is based in the same underlying principles as “shelf space” in brick and mortar traditional retail stores. Instead, the SERP is now the “digital shelf” and the more shelf space (SOV) on the SERP that is yours, the more likely someone will engage with your brand and buy your product. Measuring the real estate you own across all your keywords of branded, category, and competitor can help you understand where your brand is strong and categories or search terms where you need improvement.

To further guide our customers advertising strategy, we also provide competitor share of voice on those same search terms. With this data, you can can understand how you are performing relative to your toughest competition, whether and how much a competitor is bidding on your brand, and allows you to adapt and make the strategic changes for you and your brand to stay on top – literally speaking. There is no more important placement than top of search. You must own top of search for your brand, and should aspire to own top of search for flagship category keywords.

*New metric alert: Top of Search Share of Voice

To accurately measure how many flagship category keywords you own, we’ve introduced a new metric: Top of Search Share of Voice. This metric takes into account only the sponsored placements that are Top of Search – Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product – and shows you the percentage of this placement that you (or your competitors) own.

Amazon Organic Rank Share of Voice Perpetua Competitor

In January we released tools like Bid Adjustments and Keyword Boost for power users to execute advanced advertising strategies. Now, these reporting metrics will provide necessary intelligence to measure the effectiveness of the execution of these advanced strategies and further guide our customers ability to increase sales and dominate on Amazon. We know, you, as our customer will be empowered by these metrics and we could not be more excited to allow you to use them to grow your business.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Organic Keyword Rank or Share of Voice, send us an email at

*Organic rank and share of voice metrics are not offered by Amazon, and are provided by a third-party data source

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