Managing Amazon Operations at Scale: Delta Galil grows with Perpetua
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Managing Amazon Operations at Scale: Delta Galil grows with Perpetua

Kristie Schmuck, January 8, 2020

Brands who win on Amazon are thinking about everything from Amazon stores, content, shipping, inventory, logistics, reviews — and also advertising.

Global manufacturer and marketer of private label products, Delta Galil Industries, is thinking about all of this for not just one brand, but more than ten at any given time.

Delta Galil strategically purchases licenses from top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and Calvin Klein. They produce and market those products in specific category niches like intimate apparel, activewear and socks for men, women, kids and baby.

As many businesses today have learned, the opportunity on Amazon is too bountiful to ignore. Delta Galil brands are household names that are searched for every day by shoppers on Amazon. Ever aware of the pulse of the marketplace, Delta Galil knew that with the right team, strategy and tools they could leverage this channel to drive incrementality and growth for their brands.

Amazon Operations Team at Delta Galil

Former vendor buyer at Amazon, Marc Dweck, joined Delta Galil to build Amazon expertise internally and distribute it across the team. With the right tools and strategy in place, Marc was tasked with scaling up and centralizing Delta Galil's Amazon business. Joining Marc on the team that oversees all of Amazon at Delta Galil are Gokce Ezberci, Amazon Account Specialist and Tim Meyer, planner.

With the help of Perpetua, the Amazon operations team at Delta Galil was able to:

  • Unlock resources like time and budget to scale advertising across several brands

  • Think more strategically about marketplace growth

  • Increase sales and minimize ACOS

  • Implement a conquesting strategy on Amazon

The Challenge: No time or internal expertise to manage Amazon

Before Marc arrived at Delta Galil, each brand's Amazon strategy was maintained individually by a brand manager who often didn't have the time or experience to manage the channel effectively.

"Just imagine, you're managing a $20M brand and you're only seeing $50k from Amazon. Given all of the work that goes into driving results in that channel, it just wasn't possible for brand managers to drive results." - Tim Meyer
Delta Galil Team with Amazon Merchandise

Delta Galil came to Perpetua seeking a way to free up time and scale their advertising across more of their brands.

The Solution: centralized team and tools to create efficiencies

It quickly became clear that with the right tools and the right team in place, Delta Galil could realize economies of scale and increased sales. Marc was able to drive measurable results from Amazon almost immediately on their first few brands (as shown below for Maidenform). This success gave them the resources to scale their spend across not only those brands, but launch Amazon Ads across all of their brands.

Maidenform Performance on Perpetua

Then came Marc's first Amazon-specific hire, Gokce.

"All of the Amazon specific work lies with me and Marc, while inventory and planning is managed by Tim." said Gokce "At the moment we’re trying to prioritize things, there is so much to do. We built Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger from scratch. We created a brand store for Splendid a few weeks ago. Every day I check each campaign to see what is or isn't working across all of our brands."

Gokce at Delta Galil

Gokce's days are filled with managing Amazon's catalogue across all Delta Galil brands. A process that involves setting up, monitoring, submitting and updating items on vendor central, reserving inventory internally, monitoring purchase orders, merging styles and colors, optimizing copy and imagery and coordinating with brand leads to optimize the brand store and site presence. All of this requires a deep attention to detail and a massive hands-on time commitment.

Simplified campaign creation and automatic optimization based on unique advertising goals across the portfolio made Perpetua the perfect fit for Delta Galil. Starting with Maidenform and Calvin Klein Kids, the team quickly realized that Perpetua was able to help them drive sales, lower ACOS and easily manage a large number of ASINs and variants.

"If we didn't have Perpetua, we wouldn't be strategically advertising for so many brands. Perpetua makes it possible to create precise campaigns in a matter of minutes" - Gokce.

The Result: Economies of scale and increased sales

Centralization has been the right operational strategy for the team at Delta Galil. The team is now able to think more strategically about their growth objectives, deliver competitive insights internally and scale their Amazon business efficiently.

"Perpetua allowed us to centrally organize all of our spend. We are now able to quickly create campaigns (automatic, manual and PAT) under one strategy." explained Marc. "For example, I can choose if my strategy is to grow a particular brand, make sure that a brand is being protected, or conquest (target) my competitors."

"Perpetua is basically an enhancement to AMS." - Marc Dweck
Delta Galil team with Perpetua

As Amazon's advertising business continues to grow, the Amazon operations org chart will continue to evolve. This follows the trend of larger brands bringing their Amazon Advertising campaign management in-house. These brands are looking to hire talent who can already navigate Amazon's burgeoning ad business and acquire tools like Perpetua that can help them scale.

To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business, contact us at

To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business