Going global with AI: How Earthlite and Speedminton simplified Amazon Marketplace expansion with Perpetua
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Going global with AI: How Earthlite and Speedminton simplified Amazon Marketplace expansion with Perpetua

Kristie Schmuck, October 22, 2019

Earthlite is the number one brand of professional massage tables. Speedminton is a racket game that combines the best of Tennis, Squash and Badminton into a game that you can play anywhere. These two companies couldn't be more different. But they're connected in a way that might surprise you.

At both companies, the people in charge of growing on Amazon are married to each other. Jenny Greune is the eCommerce Key Account Manager at Earthlite. Rene Lewicki is the President at Speedminton Sporting Goods.

These two eCommerce experts share much more than industry insights and insider tips. Jenny and Rene share two daughters, a home in San Diego and an insatiable appetite for fun and adventure.


Perpetua helped Earthlite and Speedminton:

  • Drive positive sell-through in stagnant or declining marketplaces

  • Dramatically reduce time spent manually managing Amazon Ads

  • Focus holistically on their marketing strategy and growing their businesses


Since 2016, Jenny and Rene have been focused on improving their Amazon Advertising performance and increasing total sales from the eCommerce giant.

For Jenny, this meant a massive overhaul of Earthlite's American Amazon Marketplace campaigns. As a 20-year old company, the organic growth that Jenny was seeing on Amazon, without ads or optimization, was encouraging.

Earthlite and Speedminton

Jenny was surprised to see the incremental gains when she dedicated just a little bit of time to optimizing her product pages and advertising campaigns.

"Once I cleaned up the content and product images, merged variations and then added Amazon Advertising, we almost tripled our business." - Jenny

With limited time available to her, Jenny needed to find a more efficient way to repeat this time-consuming process across other international marketplaces.

Rene found himself in a similar situation. The brick and mortar retail market growth was slowing, with many retailers having to cut their racket sports department significantly in the last 12 months. This made success on Amazon critical to the growth and survival of Speedminton.

"Amazon is our biggest customer and the most important sales channel for us. We sustained growth by adding new products and trying to use the Amazon advertising tools available to us so that our marketing dollars spread as far as possible." - Rene Lewicki

But Rene was spending every Friday manually managing his Amazon campaigns. As the president of the company, Rene needed to find a way to free up his time to focus on strategically growing Speedminton.


One day, Rene overheard Jenny strategizing with Perpetua about how she could improve the performance of her Amazon Ads.

Jenny was frustrated with her European marketplaces. She could see that they were growing, but not as significantly as the USA. To optimize her campaigns manually would take too much time. Also, harvesting new keywords in international markets was a massive undertaking. Jenny was relying on Google translate and manually researching keywords in these markets.

Jenny Greune Earthlite

"I was really frustrated to not have ACOS and sell-through where I wanted them in these accounts. I couldn't justify the time required to change my strategy and optimize everything in these accounts", said Jenny.

"I had been struggling to find keywords for UK, France and Germany. I'm German, which gives me a slight advantage. But, I would totally recommend Perpetua when expanding to marketplaces where you're not a native speaker." - Jenny

Rene also decided to use Perpetua to save time and improve Speedminton's advertising performance in Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. Rene and his team needed to improve sales in these markets, but couldn't allocate the time needed to manually optimize these campaigns.

Rene Lewicki

"I have to say I was pretty skeptical.", explained Rene. "I didn't expect the app to be successful. I did not think Perpetua could reach the numbers we did when we put in the manual work. I was surprised how well it worked."


Both Jenny and Rene have seen improvements since bringing in Perpetua so far.

"In the UK we were really struggling with sell-through, for almost 2 years. Then we brought Perpetua on board within the first month, for the first time in over a year, I was seeing positive sell-through." - Jenny

For the first time in years, Jenny was getting closer to hitting her sell-through targets internationally. In the UK specifically, Jenny was seeing tremendous growth in the first few months of using Perpetua.

  • +29% Increase in Month 1

  • +6% Increase in Month 2

  • +50% increase in Month 3

Jenny was so happy and surprised with the success she saw in Europe that she has decided to expand to Amazon's Canadian marketplace.


For Rene, Perpetua has not only allowed him to think holistically about his eCommerce strategy, but has opened up time for other brand and company-related activities.

Rene has reduced his time spent manually managing Amazon Ad campaigns by 75%. Now he is able to allocate more time to other sales channels and thinking about the development and growth of other products.

"It's really cool because we have seen some solid results, but it's all about the time savings. We didn't have time to work on this before, so everything is just bonus. Our performance in the UK and Germany has improved a lot." - Rene Lewicki

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