Amazon Editorial Recommendations - The Complete Seller's Guide
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Amazon Editorial Recommendations - The Complete Seller's Guide

Caleb Sangwin, February 8, 2022

Amazon Editorial Recommendations took the eCommerce world by force last year and have created a massive opportunity for brands. They provide a near-guaranteed first page advertisement within Amazon search results, much needed credibility for new-to-brand customers, and an excellent opportunity for eCommerce brands to dominate the search engine results page (SERP) on their top keywords.

What are Editorial Recommendations?

Written like product review articles, editorial recommendations are penned by a list of hand selected third-party publishers and published on Amazon. Publishers then take a portion of the revenue generated from each sale that originates from these articles.

Previews of these editorials can appear directly on the first page of search results on Amazon, and by leveraging these in addition to traditional sponsored and organic placements, advertisers now have the opportunity to show their products 3-4 times in the top half of the SERP.

Amazon Editorials provide shoppers the opportunity to do product research directly on Amazon as opposed to other review platforms, as well as to reduce the steps to actually make the purchase once they read about a product they are interested in.

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Why should Amazon Editorials be a part of your strategy?

Credibility: For new-to-brand customers, seeing an editorial about a product can increase their likelihood to trust in the quality of the product

Share of Voice: As Amazon Editorials appear directly in the Search Results, to maximize your Share of Voice on your most important keywords

Organic Ranking: Increasing sales to your ASINs through any avenue will, in turn, improve your organic ranking, investing in editorials is one way to do this.

Keep your competitors away: Someone is going to have their ASIN featured in the article about the best vacuums on Amazon, don’t let your competitors dominate these placements and steal share away from you in your category.

Why now?

Anytime Amazon introduces a new ad unit, we see the maximum ROAS from advertisers who are willing to be the guinea pigs of the market and test it out early. As there are still relatively few Amazon Editorials live right now, they are currently staying live for significant amounts of time. Additionally, as editors take a portion of sales that come from each article, by performing well now - you are more likely to be included in future articles.

In the case of Editorials, this is an area that we see Amazon continuing to invest in - as it keeps shoppers on Amazon throughout their entire purchase journey as opposed to looking for reviews on other sites - and then potentially making purchases off Amazon.

Editorials will only become more valuable as they become more commonly used and more data is collected by Amazon and brands. Customers who have opted in early are already seeing an increase in sales and improvements across other KPIs. As they become more widely used, we anticipate that Amazon will be optimizing the layouts and content in order to increase conversions rates as much as possible.

Up until recently, products were organically selected by publishers for editorial recommendations - this is no longer the case. Through close partnerships with these hand-selected publishers, Perpetua is able to provide our customers with direct access to these content editorials.

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