Amazon Advertising Strategies: Brand Analytics & Market Share Domination
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Amazon Advertising Strategies: Brand Analytics & Market Share Domination

Patrick Quaggin-Smith, May 5, 2020

One thing we know Amazon advertisers focus on is ACOS. What we also know is that if you're only managing for ACOS, you're not looking at the full picture.

In this video, I'll teach you through everything you need to know about this incredibly powerful dataset and give real examples on the best way to use it to identify market share opportunities for your brand.

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0:12 What is Brand Analytics? 0:25 What data does Brand Analytics it provide? 1:00 Keyword campaigns: understanding the full story 1:35 Competitor Conquesting 3:00 An effective strategy for gaining market share

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Brand Analytics is a dataset provided by Amazon that is extremely powerful. It allows you to query the top two million search terms by search volume in Amazon by either ASIN or keyword.

Once you search that keyword, it's provides you with that exact match keyword, as well as all related search queries. For each one of those keywords and search queries, it's provides you with the top three organically-ranked products, their click share on that keyword, as well as conversion rate on that keyword.

Searching by ASIN on the other hand allows you to see the keywords that that ASIN is ranking in the top three organically on, while also seeing their click share on that keyword, as well as conversion rate on that keyword.

When people are analyzing campaigns they often look at high-level metrics that don't really tell the whole story. We leverage a third-party data source to provide us organic rank data in addition to share of voice data.

When I'm doing bit experiments and keyword boosts, I don't just look at a cost or attributed sales growth, I look at the true impact that keyword has on your business.

When I'm bidding more, am I seeing high-percentage top of search? Is my organic rank increasing? How is this keyword actually influencing my growth as a company? That is one of the most important metrics to look at, and something that often gets lost in high-level campaign metrics and the metrics that you see in the Amazon dashboard.

Competitor conquesting is extremely expensive because of how the Amazon algorithm determines what ad to show. Amazon determines what to show based on your conversion rate, your click-through rate, your relevancy, and then your price point times margin to Amazon.

If I'm Calvin Cline and I'm bidding on a Tommy Hilfiger keyword, it's extremely expensive because Calvin Cline isn't extremely relevant for the word Tommy Hilfiger. Meaning if you're trying to conquest competitors and win their keywords, you'll have to bid a whole lot more, which generally leads to really inefficient spend and really high ACOS with super lower conversion.

In terms of conquesting competitors, it's not really an efficient strategy. A more efficient strategy to conquest competitors and actually gain market share, leverages the Brand Analytics tools.

As I mentioned you can search by either keyword or ASIN. In terms of conquesting competitors, we recommend using the ASIN search.

So again going back to the Calvin Cline example, if I'm Calvin Cline and I wanted to start pushing my black t-shirts, I would go find the Tommy Hilfiger and the cost competitors that are black t-shirt, take their ASINs and search it in Brand Analytics.

This will bring up all of the keywords that are organically ranking in the top three, four. I'll look at black undershirt, black over shirt, it brings the whole list.

I'll then compare that list to what I'm actually bidding on currently. This will provide me a good dataset to say, "I'm underbidding here, I'm overbidding there."

I can then analyze each keyword by search volume so I know which ones are actually important for driving market share and important keywords for their success on Amazon. I will specifically target those keywords and run a keyword boost in Perpetua.

This will allow me to really dominate the top of search on those keywords, which in turn will allow me to climb organic ranking and steal a lot of their conversion rate, as well as click share. And then, in the long term, if I invest enough market share as well, it will be less expensive than bidding on Tommy Hilfigure t-shirt because it's a category keyword, and I'm more relevant on that keyword than I would be on a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt.

When you're thinking about how to win market share and steal traffic from competitors, Brand Analytics is an extremely effective tool and something every sophisticated and savvy marketer should be using.

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