Measure and Optimize for Incremental Growth with Perpetua's Amazon Attribution Integration
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Measure and Optimize for Incremental Growth with Perpetua's Amazon Attribution Integration

Patrick Quaggin-Smith, September 4, 2020

As competition on Amazon heats up, finding new ways to drive incremental sales growth for your Amazon products is increasingly important.

One method that brands on Amazon experiment with is directing traffic from off-Amazon advertising channels, like paid search and social, to Amazon product detail or store pages to grow sales. While this is a sound strategy in theory, the only way to measure associated performance of these activities has been to look at a single metric: total sales.

For savvy marketers, this level of insight is largely insufficient as they seek to justify larger budgets or make incremental optimizations to their advertising campaigns.

The Solution: Amazon Attribution (Beta)

Amazon's Attribution beta solved this by introducing a self-service tool that allows advertisers to directly measure the impact of off-Amazon media channels based on how consumers discover, research and buy their products on Amazon.


Activating Amazon Attribution requires advertisers to log in to the self-service console, create Amazon Attribution measurement tags, and apply those tags to their off-Amazon campaigns. Campaigns/strategies (or orders) can be measured at any level of granularity desired, from the keyword/audience level, to the channel level. Creating these line items and order reports, and linking those to their corresponding tracking templates in native consoles like Google Ads or Facebook Ad Manager is a heavily manual and tedious process.

There’s no question that Amazon Attribution unlocks a trove of valuable data. But using the self-service solution requires manual tag set up and implementation, sometimes making it difficult for advertisers to prioritize the initial setup.

Perpetua's Amazon Attribution API Integration (Beta)

In the last few months, Amazon and Perpetua have been working closely together to enable Perpetua customers to create, optimize and measure off-Amazon ads in a matter of minutes.

As one of the first API partners to integrate with the Amazon Attribution API, the Perpetua team has made it possible to automate the creation of off-Amazon campaigns and leverage Amazon conversion insights to optimize performance. Perpetua's first supported channel will be Google Ads, with paid social soon to follow.

“Inevitably, customers are browsing and discovering brands and products outside of Amazon, meaning that advertisers not engaging audiences across non-Amazon channels are missing out on a key opportunity. While our customers have seen tremendous growth with Amazon DSP advertising, it’s time for brands to pay attention to their off-Amazon traffic as well.” said Joe Rideout, President at Perpetua.

“Amazon Attribution makes this possible. With the ability to quantify performance for off-Amazon channels, where over 80% of online advertising occurs, there is an opportunity for first adopters to scale fast and profitably.” - Joe Rideout

Perpetua's ad engine is fuelled by advertising and conversion data, making this the perfect opportunity to bring Perpetua to a new advertising channel, one that allows our customers to expand their reach and engage new audiences.

Now, advertisers can drive traffic to Amazon product detail pages or store pages with Google Ads directly in Perpetua, and view Amazon conversion metrics such as detail page views, add to carts, and even sales

Automated Campaign Creation & Attribution Tagging

In Perpetua, advertisers can input ad creative and copy, a target ACOS or ROAS, and daily budget. If the campaign is a brand new experiment, Perpetua's ad engine will make appropriate suggestions for you.

Once launched, Perpetua's ad engine will create the campaigns for you and automatically apply the necessary Amazon Attribution tags to bring you keyword level attribution as well as aggregate channel-level attribution. The ad engine will then harvest keywords for you, and optimize keywords and bids from your advertising performance data on an ongoing basis.

Holistic Advertising Performance Reports and Analytics

Additionally, we will provide holistic reporting to any advertiser using Amazon attribution.


Off-Amazon ads are quickly becoming an indispensable part of any advertiser's media allocation. We anticipate this to expand over the next year.

With our Amazon Attribution beta integration that measures Google Ads, you can harness the optimization power of our ad engine as well as measure the impact of your Google Ads on total sales in a single place - your Perpetua dashboard.

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