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Drive sales and maximize the visibility of your products with Perpetua's optimization and intelligence software for Walmart Connect ads. Create, launch and optimize Sponsored Search ads in seconds with Walmart advertising software.

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Goal Based Automation

Focus on strategy, not manual campaign management

Whether you're just starting out, looking to grow sales, increase category share or grow awareness, Perpetua's ad engine can help you exceed your goals. You set target ROAS and desired daily budget - our ad engine will do the rest.

Always-on optimizations

Maximize efficiency and unlock scalable growth on the second price auction

Make the right bid, at the right time, on the most likely to convert keywords. With daily bid automation to meet your target ROAS, you can rest easy knowing your campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. Perpetua saves you time with access to advanced levers and bid adjustments for more control when you want.

Maximize efficiency and unlock scalable growth on the second price auction
Scale your growth on your terms

Customized keyword harvesting & research tools

Scale your growth on your terms

Define how keywords are added to your goals, choosing between automatic harvesting or requiring approval. Don’t waste time trying to find new keywords, with Perpetua’s suggested keywords, you can find relevant keywords and add them to goals with 1-click.

Measure & refine your strategy with a clear view of your Walmart advertising performance

Perpetua offers a holistic view of your advertising performance across omnichannel marketplaces.

Analytics Section

Quickly analyze campaign, keyword and product performance together all in one place.

View reporting by device type and placement to understand exactly where your customers are coming from.

Use dayparting to control bid levels across all of your campaigns throughout the day.

Advanced insights allow you to measure the full impact of advertising campaigns as well as to define future strategies.

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