Video ads attribution insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud


Video ads attribution insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud

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 Video ads attribution insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Keep your audience coming back with the Amazon Marketing Cloud

Discover the power of truly impactful video ads and measure in-depth audience insights and campaign analysis empowered by the Amazon Marketing Cloud, a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based data clean room solution.

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is every advertiser’s dream: the ability to attribute and measure the influence upper funnel tactics have on the lower funnel, as well as on purchase intent and ad effectiveness. Connecting to customers wherever they are through the extensive reach of the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP), AMC, especially with its easy-to-make and engaging Online Video (OLV) ads, enables advertisers to achieve and continuously improve their full funnel marketing without sacrificing clarity in ad attribution. 

In our 1H 2022 AMC benchmark report, we examine the attribution of investment in these types of advertisements across the full funnel–top to bottom–as well as the successful video ad strategies advertisers are using to build their brands and business online. 

Key highlights include:

  • The difference in new-to-brand (NTB) purchasers between customers who were exposed to OLV ads and those who weren't is significant, indicating the growing importance of OLV ads in both capturing audience in this segment and as a part of a holistic marketing strategy

  • The same performance of Sponsored Products (SP) and DSP ads both capturing the largest proportion of NTB and repeat users indicated by how soon customers made purchases upon viewing these ads, which was under 2 hours, reinforces the significance of utilizing various ad units and placements to capture customers at different stages of the funnel and suggests the golden range of time a campaign may only have to convert sales

  • A user being 1.1x more likely to purchase an Amazon product after being exposed to the same product's ads numerous times as an SP and OLV ad vs. an SP ad alone exemplifies the need for comprehensive marketing strategies including the use of different engaging visuals to keep the same customers interested across their purchasing journeys both on and/or off Amazon

  • The proportion of first vs. last touch in relation to purchase rates, for example, showing that brand awareness ads with high exposure may not have necessarily returned the best conversion rates (CVR) but that ads with limited low Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) exposure have generated high double digit purchase rates, demonstrates the importance of full funnel advertising

  • Perpetua’s hourly analysis of two key Amazon volume metrics in OLV and DSP ad units lets advertisers identify intradays’ peak performance hours to make informed decisions, including deploying dayparting strategies

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