Q4 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America


Q4 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

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Q4 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

Drive measurable results in 2023 with benchmark data from Q4

We've uncovered the most critical trends and metrics that matter in Q4 2022 to help refine your advertising strategy and prepare for Q1 and 2023.

Use data-driven insights from Q4 to plan your 2023

Q4 is always dominated by the holiday season, and can be the make-or-break time of year for many businesses. In 2022, Amazon decided to introduce an additional shopping event to an already-busy quarter, with a Prime Day Early Access Sale (PEAS) on the 11th and 12th of October. This was followed by Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) at the end of November, and the usual December shopping period.

When looking at quarterly growth rates for Q4 2022, bear in mind that Amazon Prime Day took place the previous quarter, so volumes were already high in Q3. The yearly growth rates are generally impacted by long-term growth trends across retail media, but impacted in part by wider economic developments. With our benchmark reports, you have all the latest data so you can understand market trends, see how the competitive landscape is developing, and plan your activities for the upcoming quarters.

Key Q4 2022 highlights include:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products ads saw a 3% year-over-year decline in CPC, with the seasonal uptick only partially masking softening demand

  • Sponsored Brands Video continues to grow in visibility, with Amazon's expansion efforts bringing about an 81% year-over-year increase in impressions. Shoppers clicks, however, have not kept pace, with CTR down 41% year-over-year

  • The Prime Early Access Sale in October didn't stop the success of the other shopping events like Black Friday, with overall ad sales up 23% quarter-over-quarter for Sponsored Products, 29% for Sponsored Brands, and 22% for Sponsored Display

  • Our category analysis shows the strongest holiday season for Amazon Sponsored Products ads in Toys & Games (+234%) 

  • Looking at the Amazon DSP, focus on the upper and mid-funnels helped drive a strong quarter-over-quarter increase (+49% and +42% respectively) in new-to-brand purchase rates

  • Walmart advertisers saw a dramatic 141% quarter-over-quarter increase in revenue as they successfully utilized new ad units available on the platform.

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