Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America


Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

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Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

Drive measurable results in Q4 with benchmark data over Q3

We've uncovered the most critical trends and metrics that matter in Q3 2022 to help refine your advertising strategy and prepare for Q4 and major shopping events.

Plan ahead with data-driven insights

The major consumer event of this year's Q3 was Prime Day on 12th-13th July, which meant increased advertiser and consumer activity across Amazon. This is particularly important to consider when looking at year-over-year growth rates, as there was no equivalent event in Q3 2021, with last year's Prime Day being held in June (Q2).

Other typical Q3 activity includes the yearly back-to-school season, though advertisers continue to face challenges with ongoing fears of recession, 
rising energy prices and macro-economic uncertainty. Whatever your 
situation, our benchmark reports bring you all the latest data so you 
can understand market trends, see how the competitive landscape
 is developing and plan your activities for the upcoming quarters.

Key highlights include:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products ads saw a 93% year-over-year increase in attributed sales, driven above all by July's Prime Day

  • In spite of Prime Day, CPC for Amazon Sponsored Products ads actually fell slightly over the course of the quarter, when compared with the Q2 benchmark

  • Increased visibility has helped considerable year-over-year sales growth for both Amazon Sponsored Brands (+55%) and Sponsored Brands Video (+47%)

  • Our category analysis shows the strongest quarterly ad sales growth for Amazon Sponsored Products ads in Toys & Games (+96%) and Appliances

  • Looking at Amazon DSP categories, Sports & Outdoors saw the largest increase in attributed sales, which were 90% above their Q2 level

  • On Walmart, the impact of the second-price auction continued to be felt, with CPC decreasing 17% quarter-over-quarter

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