Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe


Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe

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Q3 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe

Dive into Q3 benchmarks to fuel your growth in Q4

We've uncovered the most critical trends and metrics that matter in Q3 2022 to help refine your advertising strategy and prepare for Q4 and major shopping events.

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Performance did not fall off but it certainly slowed in Q3, as shoppers became more conservative following Prime Day and the early summer months, when consumers often have additional lifestyle-related expenses. Performance was relatively stable across most ad units, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, both of which increased at a slower rate than Q2. However, Sponsored Display saw a huge spike in adoption and positive performance results. Quarter-over-quarter sales skyrocketed, encouraged by an increase in investment in this ad type by advertisers across Europe.

Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) saw a similar Q3 trend to Sponsored Ad, with a decrease in platform spend following July's Prime Day. Additionally, effective CPMs also reduced during this time period, indicating lower bid competition across the programmatic landscape.

Key highlights include:

  • Advertising using Sponsored Ad units was generally cheaper in Q3 2022 than what had been observed in Q2. Overall order volumes grew less quickly, but advertisers saw increased returns on their investment. Q3 was a good time for advertisers to test out different ad types and see what works best for them in terms of click-through rates and conversion rates. By testing in Q3, advertisers are well set for big Q4 events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) and Christmas.

  • Some categories that had seen CPC increase quarter-over-quarter in Q2, such as Tools and Home Improvement, saw a decrease in CPC in Q3, perhaps in line with seasonal changes. Other categories, including Author Central Departments, saw large increases in CPC, conversion rate and average order value, likely boosted by back-to-school shopping.

  • For Amazon DSP activity, although impression and CPM figures reduced over the course of Q3 2022, sales performance figures were not largely affected, with consistent ROAS throughout Q3. This could indicate an opportunity for always-on activity to take advantage of the lower bid competition in the market.

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