Q2 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report — Europe


Q2 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report — Europe

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Q2 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report — Europe

European advertisers on Amazon see a return to positive sales growth in Q2 2023.

Get the latest Amazon advertising benchmarks for Europe, with performance metrics, growth trends for Q2 2023, and analysis for Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

With no make-or-break holidays in the calendar, many advertisers use Q2 for experiments, trying out new strategies, and building momentum for the major shopping events later in the year. Our Q2 2023 Benchmark Report for Europe provides a full run-down of all the metrics that matter for Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and the Amazon DSP.

  • Track how advertisers have been allocating their budget with ad spend growth data for all major Amazon ad units

  • Explore the relationship between CTR, conversion rate, and ROAS for ads at different stages of the funnel

  • See how Amazon Ads performed in Q2 depending on ad placement

  • Find out which product categories experienced the biggest sales growth into Q2

  • Compare performance metrics across Amazon's German, Spanish, French, Italian and UK marketplaces.

Our analysis and recommendations help you stay on top of trends so you can understand where you sit vis-a-vis your competition. We give you the information you need to adapt your strategies and take full control of your advertising journey.

Selected insights from our Q2 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report:

  • Conversion rate for Sponsored Brands is ads up 10% from Q1

  • Year-over-year spend on Sponsored Products is down 4% from Q2 2022 but sales are up 2% in spite of the ongoing economic situation

  • Sponsored Display ads show the benefit of increased adoption, with a 54% increase in year-over-year sales.

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