Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America


Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

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Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

The Amazon metrics and trends impacting every marketplace advertiser's strategy

We've uncovered the most critical trends and metrics that matter in Q2 2022 to help refine your advertising strategy and prepare for what to expect in Q3 during summer.

Plan ahead with data-driven insights

From recommendations on how to leverage Amazon's ever expanding advertising capabilities to Walmart's recent second-price auction rollout, discover how shopping behavior in Q2 2022 performed as advertisers navigated the world of digital advertising for various marketplaces with best practices under the pressures of the continuing macro and micro economic environment. This actionable report zeroes in on quarterly performance that also references yearly benchmarks to give you the full picture.

Key highlights include:

  • Advertising activity surged in Q2 2022, with sales and spend increasing for all Amazon ad units

  • Increasing return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) in Q2 was closely connected to higher average order value (AOV), which rose quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) across almost all Amazon ad units as sellers were pressured into raising prices by the continuing global inflation trends

  • Continuing inflation may be impacting consumer behavior as we uncover the decline in both the purchase rates of Amazon DSP's ads and conversion rates of Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products, indicating that shoppers may have been considering alternatives more than they previously had, prior to making a purchase decision

  • Video creatives continued to be the most engaging ad format, with Sponsored Brands Video showing the highest click-through rate (CTR) of all ad formats despite falling 23% QoQ

  • Instacart saw advertising volumes drop as more consumers moved to offline grocery shopping in Q2

  • Walmart's long-awaited switch from a first-price to a second-price auction saw CPCs fall 19% in Q2, giving advertisers a major boost in their ROAS at 35% growth

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