Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe


Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe

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Q2 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - Europe

The Amazon metrics and trends every marketplace advertiser needs to know

Bringing you the most critical European trends and metrics of Q2 2022 to elevate your Q3 Amazon advertising strategy.

Hone your advertising strategy with actionable, data-driven insights

We dive into the Q2 performance of the five European Amazon marketplaces, breaking down the report by category, ad units, formats, and types combined with the effects of seasonality as well as the impact of bigger economical factors on advertising strategies and performance. Our aim is to help you navigate this increasingly competitive eCommerce marketplace by bringing you the most insightful information.

Key highlights include:

  • With 2022's Prime Day scheduled back to July in Q3, as was always the time of the year pre-pandemic (2019’s occurred in Q4 & 2020’s took place in Q2), ad spend of SP, in part towards Prime Day promotions, rose in the lead up in the last few weeks of Q2, resulting in an increase in CPC and a decrease in ROAS, with sales expected to spike in Q3

  • Strong bottle of the funnel spend meant there was strong competition for the most premium Amazon DSP ad placements. Responsive eCommerce Creative (REC) utilisation grew but Q2’s results showed the need to diversify the use of creatives as part of their advertising strategies, across all stages of the customer buying journey

  • While adoption of the Amazon DSP clearly indicated advertisers’ keen interest in the platform’s offering of granular targeting paired with numerous types of creatives as part of their greater ad strategies, it is important to note the impact of global supply chain challenges and geographical restrictions pertaining to products on the performance of DSP ads

  • The contribution of a new Amazon-led global marketing initiative on regional and global sales and the effect of social media on customer engagement and subsequent category performance

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