Q2 2021 Amazon Benchmark Report


Q2 2021 Amazon Benchmark Report

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Q2 2021 Amazon Benchmark Report

The Need-to-Know Amazon Trends and Metrics

We've uncovered the most important trends and metrics from Q2 2021 to help inform your strategy for the second half of the year.

Now is a critical time to plan ahead

With restrictions beginning to lift and the return of warmer weather, Q2 saw trends similar to Q2s of the past across spend, sales, and category performance. While there were still some issues in early Q2 with supply chain and inventory availability, sales took an upwards turn with the help of Prime Day at the end of June. 

Using anonymized client data from across Perpetua's database of Amazon advertisers, we've analyzed more than 27 billion impressions and 91 million clicks, aggregated across all major product categories, to bring you these insights.

  • Discover benchmarks & trends for key industry metrics including CPC, CVR, CTR and ACOS.

  • See how advertisers allocated spend across ad units and placements.

  • Forward-looking, strategic insights from our team for Q3 2021.

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