Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - North America


Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - North America

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Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - North America

Falling CPCs, a shift to efficiency, and high return for top-of-search placements in Q1 2023.

Dive into the impact eCommerce developments and the economy had on Q1 across North America, noted alongside the latest benchmarks to reveal trends, challenges, and opportunities for advertisers into Q2.

Q1 provides the perfect opportunity for advertisers to assess the trends of the last 12 months and see how their experience is reflected across the market. As well as capturing the current situation, our Q1 2023 Benchmark Report for North America reveals how advertisers have responded to challenges and taken advantage of new opportunities.

  • Learn how advertisers have been focusing on efficiency and what this means for allocating ad spend

  • See how shoppers are responding to Amazon's expansion of ad placements, with more impressions not necessarily bringing more clicks

  • Understand the impact of inflation on pricing strategies and consumer behavior

  • Trace the development of CPCs across ad formats and discover opportunities for investment

  • Get inspiration from data that reveals the power of high-performance ad placements.

We analyze the data to build out recommendations so you can stay competitive, adapt your strategies, and take full control of your advertising journey.

New to 2023 benchmark reports:

  • Performance data from Amazon's Canadian and Mexican marketplaces—on top of the usual wealth of US data

  • Insights based on Perpetua's Prism database, which can provide market share data at category, brand or ASIN level

  • Advertising performance metrics differentiated by placement: Top-of-search, rest-of-search, or Product Detail Pages.

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