Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - Europe


Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - Europe

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Q1 2023 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report - Europe

More ads, more placements, and more impressions, but what does it all mean for European Amazon advertisers in 2023?

Get up-to-speed on the latest developments in Amazon Advertising in Europe, as we review the past 12 months in eCommerce and the current state of play in Q1. Our benchmarks, trends, and analysis show advertisers where they need to focus in 2023.

Benchmarks are a great tool for monitoring market trends and seeing how your performance tallies with wider developments. European eCommerce has seen a lot of changes in recent months, advertisers can benefit by understanding how these affect their audiences, their competitors, and their future strategies. Our Q1 2023 Amazon Benchmark Report for Europe shows how advertisers have responded to challenges in the past year and taken advantage of new opportunities.

  • Get the latest Amazon benchmarks for five countries: Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy

  • See the impact of Amazon's expansion of ad placements—do more impressions always mean more clicks?

  • Understand how inflation affects consumer behavior metrics like conversion rate

  • Review how the cost-per-click of Amazon ads has changed in different European marketplaces over the last 12 months

  • Investigate the performance of different ad placements, and find out where the biggest returns are to be made

We analyze the data to build out recommendations so you can stay competitive, adapt your strategies, and take full control of your advertising journey.

New to our 2023 European benchmark reports:

  • Sponsored Products performance metrics differentiated by placement: top of search, rest of search, or product detail pages.

  • Breakdown of Sponsored Brands ads performance into video and non-video ad formats

  • More year-over-year trends for longer term context and analysis.

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