Q1 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America


Q1 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

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Q1 2022 Amazon Benchmark Report - North America

The Amazon metrics & trends that matter

We've uncovered the most important trends and metrics from Q1 of 2022 to help inform your advertising strategy and prepare for what to expect in Q2 and heading into warmer months.

Now is a critical time to plan ahead

Learn how shopping behaviour post-holidays impacted this past quarter’s performance. While Q1, as expected, saw a significant decline in sales, Amazon’s investment in enhanced creative and video looks promising for advertisers as we head into Q2. 

Plus, experimentation across Instacart, Walmart and Target sets the stage for advertisers to better optimize their ad strategies across these marketplaces for optimal efficiency.

Key highlights include:

  • Sponsored Display saw the largest CPC increase among all ad units year over year, and saw a 13% increase in conversions from Q4 as Amazon introduced more targeting options to reach potential customers

  • Video creative was increasingly popular across the Amazon DSP with the largest increase (+28.5%) in New-to-Brand Purchase Rate, and 33.1% increase in Click Through Rate

  • Instacart changed how viewable Impressions are measured leading to fewer Impressions and higher Click Through Rate

  • Walmart and Target both made significant changes to their ad platform, priming advertisers to more easily compete on strategic keywords and increase ad efficiency in Q2 

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