The Prime Day Playbook


The Prime Day Playbook

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The Prime Day Playbook

Prime Day: Ad Strategies for Success

Your go-to playbook to drive maximum success this Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is fast approaching. Considering that last year, Prime Day made history with $12.7 billion in total sales, it marks a huge opportunity for brands. Having an optimized ad strategy can set your brand apart from the competition and help to:

  • Build brand and product awareness

    Amazon’s Prime Day sees a significant spike in traffic, with many new audiences browsing for deals. These larger audience pools offer brands new opportunities to drive brand and product awareness with targeted ad campaigns from the lead-in to the lead-out period.

  • Drive sales volume

    In 2023, we saw sales increase 87.5% YoY during Prime Day. Advertising during the event is crucial, but to maximize sales, you need to focus on the lead-in period to prime shoppers for conversions during the sale.

  • Optimized organic listings

    Successful ad campaigns can lead to higher product rankings, better reviews, and improved brand reputation, leading to long-term benefits beyond Prime Day.

  • Convert shoppers into loyal customers

    Take your new-to-brand audiences gained from Prime Day and nurture them into loyal customers of your brand. By leveraging these audiences following Prime Day, you can help drive more efficiency from your ad efforts and increase the long-term value of shoppers.

  • Generate insights for future events

    Following Prime Day, you’ll have access to insights across consumer behavior, sales patterns, and advertising effectiveness. You can then turn these insights into action to amplify your strategy for future tentpole events, like Prime Big Deal Days and Black Friday.

As with all tentpole events, success comes down to having a dedicated strategy across Prime Day, from the lead-in to the lead-out. To help you maximize visibility, boost sales, and drive overall brand growth, we’ve created a playbook to help guide your 2024 Prime Day strategy.

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