The Cyber 5 Survival Guide (2022)


The Cyber 5 Survival Guide (2022)

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The Cyber 5 Survival Guide (2022)

Your roadmap to Black Friday Cyber Monday

Get the information you need to capitalize on the year's most important peak period.

With the holidays coming up fast, every advertiser is looking for opportunities to distinguish their products from the competition, build presence at touchpoints through the purchase journey, and drive incremental sales.

We put together the Cyber 5 Survival Guide to help you maximize the impact of your advertising budget during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • how ad sales developed over Q4 2021, and what to expect for Q4 20222

  • the impact of the 2022 Prime Early Access Sale on gifting impressions, a key indicator of shopper interest

  • how ad spend and ACOS evolved from Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2021

  • key best practices for Amazon Sponsored Products, the Amazon DSP, and Walmart Ads

  • and more!

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