The Sponsored Display Report


The Sponsored Display Report

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The Sponsored Display Report

Dominate the Product Detail Page with Sponsored Display

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about Amazon Sponsored Display, from placements, product targeting, the introduction of audiences and how to effectively competitor conquest and defend your brand.

All About Sponsored Display

Amazon's Sponsored Display ad product has seen immense growth and rapid expansion over the last year, giving advertisers the unique ability to target shoppers both on and off Amazon with a cost-per-click model. 

In this guide we cover:

  • How and when to leverage Sponsored Display's different targeting types

  • Strategies you can employ to drive growth across the funnel

  • Benchmarks across categories for both retargeting and product targeting

  • How to incorporate Sponsored Display into your Product Detail Page strategy

  • When you should use Sponsored Display vs. Amazon DSP

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