The Amazon Intraday Optimization Guide

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The Amazon Intraday Optimization Guide

Intraday Optimization: Hourly Amazon ad performance data insights and strategies

Leveraging both Amazon Marketing Stream and Share of Voice metrics, this guide helps you learn how to use hourly data to take actionable insights. In addition, get data and heatmaps of hourly performance for each main advertising KPI in the US marketplace.

Making data-informed decisions is critical to successfully growing on Amazon. So imagine what you can unlock with access to hourly data.

Learn how to unlock the power of Intraday Optimization with Amazon Marketing Stream and Share of Voice metrics. Take actionable insights with full confidence, and leverage our benchmark hourly ad performance data to get started on how and when to optimize your dayparting strategies.

Accessing hourly performance from share of voice, cost per click, conversion rate, to advertising cost of sales and more, has never been easier.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • What intraday optimization is, and the (super)powers it unlocks for you

  • How to identify which of your campaigns has the opportunity to increase share of voice over the competition

  • When and how to optimize your selected campaigns by looking at hourly click-through-rate, cost per click, conversion rate, and advertising cost of sale

  • Trends and heatmaps for the hourly performance of all main advertising KPIs from our analysis of the US marketplace

  • How the relationships between hourly metrics can impact your intraday performance

  • Strategies to maximize profitability and sales at the hours of the day and/or days of the week that make the most sense based on your objectives

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