Black Friday Cyber Monday Survival Guide


Black Friday Cyber Monday Survival Guide

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Survival Guide

Everything you need in 1 survival guide

Dive into 4 must-have resources filled with best practices, data insights, and strategies to make this BFCM a success.

Black Friday Cyber Monday continues to be one of the largest shopping events of the year. And with Amazon announcing 11-days of deals, it's critical now more than ever to ensure your strategy is solid.

To help you build and execute your strategy, we've compiled a list of resources to drive maximum impact with your budget and see incremental growth.

In this survival guide, you'll have access to:

  • [WEBINAR] A recording of our BFCM webinar filled with data insights from past Black Friday Cyber Mondays and Prime events to ensure your strategies are data-driven

  • [PRESENTATION] Don't have time to watch the entire webinar? We've got you covered with the full presentation deck (and some added stats from last year)

  • [CHECKLIST] We outline tips for the lead up, during, and post-BFCM, ensuring you're well prepared to capture shoppers early, and extend the impact of BFCM year-round

  • [AMAZON DSP PLAYBOOK] Strategies specific to the Amazon DSP to help you win market share and capture BFCM's uniquely purchase-driven audience, plus tips on how to use custom AMC Audiences throughout the BFCM period

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