A plan for every stage of your growth

Up to 10k in monthly ad spend
What's included:
AI-powered bid optimization
Automated keyword harvesting
In-depth performance & profitability reporting
Data-driven performance recommendations
Support Services
Access to live onboarding webinars
Access to chat support
Access to Perpetua Slack Community
Access to detailed video tutorials via Perpetua Ad school
$695/mth + % of ad spend
Over 10k in monthly ad spend
What's included:
All features in the Essentials Tier
Hourly Reporting & Intraday Optimization via Amazon Marketing Stream
Hourly Share-of-Voice and Organic Rank insights
Revenue opportunity analysis & competitor search term data
Support Services
Access to Perpetua’s Customer Success team
Tailored onboarding and launch strategy
3 & 6-week check-in
Quarterly Business Review
Over 500k in monthly ad spend
What's included:
All features in the Growth tier
Access to competitor and market intelligence data
Access to custom AMC reporting
Access to custom data integrations and intelligence dashboards
Exclusive access to beta features
Support Services
Dedicated account team
White-glove account activation
Personalized onboarding sessions and product workshops
Monthly Business Review