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Drive sales and maximize the visibility of your products with Perpetua's optimization and intelligence software for Instacart Ads. Create, launch and optimize Featured Ads in seconds with Instacart advertising software.

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Goal Based Automation

Focus on strategy, not manual campaign management

Whether you're just starting out, looking to grow sales, increase category share or grow awareness, Perpetua's ad engine can help you exceed your goals. You set target ROAS and desired daily budget - our AI-powered ad engine will do the rest.

Always-on optimizations

Do more with less. Maximize efficiency and unlock scalable growth

Make the right bid, at the right time, on the most likely to convert keywords to make the most of your budget with algorithmic bidding and budget pacing. Perpetua saves you time, with access to advanced levers and bid adjustments for more control when you want it.

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AI Powered


Always On




Actionable analytics

Get a clear view of your Instacart advertising performance

Perpetua offers a holistic view of your advertising performance across omnichannel marketplaces. Analyze Instacart campaign, keyword and product performance together all in one place.

Instacart represents the intersection of brick and mortar and eCommerce for both shoppers as well as CPG brands. The combined power of Instacart's Featured Products with Perpetua’s always-on optimizations ensure our advertising drives continued business growth.

Jeff Wong

VP of Marketing @ Country Archer Provisions

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