Perpetua Profit

Track your true profit on Amazon in real time

Integrate your advertising & organic activities, add your specific costs and track your true profit in real-time.

Understanding your Amazon seller profit doesn’t have to be time consuming or complex

In the world of Amazon businesses, profit tracking is not an easy task, especially when you have to search through individual ASINs, across an entire product family, or even a marketplace. It includes a complex set of inputs covering unit sales, revenue, CoGs, VAT, taxes, fees & refunds. Perpetua Profit helps you to calculate your true profit from your Amazon business.

A Seller’s revenue can be cut into by more than 70 different kinds of fees!

Perpetua Product Manager

More than a simple Amazon profit calculator.More advanced than your typical profit dashboard.

Perpetua simplifies your view of your Profit on Amazon in an easy-to-use module that’s available within the All‑in‑One Perpetua software editions.

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Full advertising integration

Within the Seller Edition, your Organic and PPC activities are fully integrated within the Perpetua Profit Module, so you can see the full picture of your Amazon business

Perpetua Profit goes beyond ACOS – see your true seller profit for all of your products, from individual ASIN through full product portfolio

Vendor customers can use Perpetua Profit to see their Profit breakdown if they also sell through Amazon’s Seller Central (Hybrids)

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Calculate and analyze your “true profit”

Perpetua Profit incorporates all of the key inputs and fees including Amazon fees, FBA fees, refunds, historical CoG, promotional costs and many more

See your profitability at any level you like – from marketplace down to individual child-ASIN

It’s fully configurabile – adjust the charts to view any KPIs you like

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Your business in your pocket

Perpetua Profit also comes with the exclusive Perpetua Profit Mobile App for your phone

Track every sale in real-time, the data is refreshed every few minutes

See sales and profit across parent and child ASINs, your full product portfolio, and across all marketplaces you sell on

Numbers transferred into powerful KPIs

Seamless integration across costs, fees, taxes and business activities – like units sold and total revenue

Robust and dynamic cost inputs – we know fees and order costs can change over time!

Easily exportable data, easy to understand dashboards, and on-the-go, live-time access to your full Amazon business information

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Understand which factors are truly driving your profit and manage your business the right way

Breakdown of sales vs costs

Perpetua Profit is seamlessly integrated with Seller Central and your profit data is displayed in real-time. See the split between your organic sales and sales generated through Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) ads. Know exactly what is driving your costs and how those costs affect your seller profit on Amazon.

Your costs’ effects on your True Profit

Our Profit shows your exact profit margins after all your costs are deducted. Detailed cost inputs including Amazon fees, PPC revenue and spend, promos, item costs, coupons, returns, etc. are included, giving you the most accurate picture of your costs’ impact on your true profit.

Profit calculation by SKUs

Your Profit Dashboard instantly visualizes the profitability of each SKU. We break down each cost metric, allowing you to calculate which area is disproportionately eating into your Amazon profit margins, enabling you to make critical decisions immediately.

How is Perpetua Profit different from other profit calculators and dashboards?

Search Insights

See your profit and PPC data combined

Perpetua Profit is the only profit offering on the market to combine both your revenue from organic (SEO) activities, PPC spend and revenue, as well as other business costs, giving you the truest, and most accurate picture of your overall profitability.

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See data for multiple markets and marketplaces

Check your performance across an entire marketplace to see how well your business is doing in the region. Perpetua Profit works for all marketplaces you sell in.

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Integrate multiple seller central accounts

If you currently have multiple Seller Central Accounts, you can see an integrated, holistic view of your sales, costs and profit breakdowns.

Organic Rank Tracking

Add and modify your COGS & VAT as often as you wish

Times are changing and so are your costs. This allows you to have the truest picture of what is happening as shifts happen in your business.

Organic Rank Tracking

Export data using custom or bulk exports

Easily export your profit dashboard data so you can analyze in any software you choose. Exports are available using both customized reports, or export all of your data using a bulk export.

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