Drive incremental growth with Perpetua 

Perpetua is the first retail media platform to offer built-in tools designed to help advertisers optimize for incrementality. By identifying and acting on incremental opportunities you’ll drive sales, reach more customers and grow your market share.  

Control top of search 
Perpetua gives you complete visibility into where your products are showing up on Amazon result pages. Make sure your products are always in the top placements for your most important and strategic search terms and top of mind for your customers. 
top of search
Minimize TOS cannibalization
If your products are performing well organically, paying for a top of search ad placement for that product could mean paying for a sale that would have come in anyway. Perpetua will let you know when your ASINs are at risk of ‘cannibalization’ so you can make adjustments and spend your budget more efficiently elsewhere. 
Negative Match
Adjust Bid
Maximize share of voice 
Get a bird’s-eye view of where your products are showing up across the full Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on any search term. See how you stack up against your competition and make adjustments based on these insights to maximize your share of voice, build brand awareness and drive more sales. 



Share of Voice
Brand Awareness
Identify incremental targeting opportunities
Make sure you’re spending on the keywords and ASINs with the most potential to drive sales. Perpetua will flag the keywords and ASINs with the most incremental opportunity so you can be confident you’re spending your budget strategically.
Incrementality Opportunity

Ready to drive incremental growth for your brand? 

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