Perpetua Audiences

Take control of the funnel with Perpetua Audiences

Leverage highly targeted audiences to reach shoppers with advanced precision at every stage of the funnel. Use pre-built Amazon AMC audiences, Perpetua’s uniquely crafted audiences, or create custom audiences from scratch.

Audiences powered by
Amazon Marketing Cloud

Perpetua is the first retail media execution platform to have AMC audiences directly integrated into the DSP product. With this integration you can improve your targeting, boost conversion and reduce wasted spend. 

Top of funnel

Precision Customer Acquisition

Create your own in-market audience based on shopper search queries that relate to your product to target high-intent customers.

Middle of funnel

Precision Retargeting

Focus on targeting shoppers who have viewed your product page a number of times. Pick the minimum and maximum number of page views for your retargeting to avoid wasted impressions.

Bottom of funnel

Add to Cart Retargeting

Target shoppers who added your products to their cart within a certain time frame, but didn’t purchase.

Curated audiences designed to drive conversions

Streamline your workflow with curated audiences ready-to-go with one click. These audiences are built from data driven strategies and designed to target shoppers most likely to convert.

DSP Prebuilt Amazon Audience

Similar Product Views

Search Prospecting

Competitor Conquesting

Complementary Targeting

Cross Sell



Custom Audience Strategy

Custom Audience Strategy

Total freedom to build custom audiences

You know your business and advertising goals better than anyone. On top of using pre-built audiences, you also have complete freedom to customize your own audiences based on any targeting criteria that you believe will drive conversions. 

Ready to reach new audiences at every stage of the funnel?