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Drive sales and maximize the visibility of your products with Perpetua's optimization and intelligence software for Amazon Ads. Create, launch and optimize Sponsored Ads in seconds with Amazon advertising software.

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Target ACoS


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Focus on strategy, not manual campaign management

Whether you're just starting out, looking to grow sales, increase category share or grow awareness, Perpetua's ad engine can help you exceed your goals. You set target ACOS and desired daily budget - our ad engine will do the rest.

Always-on bid optimization

Make the right bid, at the right time, on the most likely to convert keywords. With bids automatically being adjusted daily to meet your target ACOS you can rest easy knowing your campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. Perpetua saves you time, with access to advanced levers for more control when you want it.

Always on bid optimization

Optimization for every hour of the day

Perpetua users receive metrics by the hour - whether that be campaign performance or Share of Voice. Dayparting controls allow you to leverage these insights to ensure your ads are showing up exactly where you want them - when you want them to.

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Advanced levers to execute on ANY strategy

Keyword Boost

Leverage Keyword Boosts to launch standalone campaigns on the keywords that matter the most, using Top of Search multipliers to make your ASINs show up exactly where you want them to.

Get started with Perpetua's free benchmarker to quickly and easily identify growth opportunities

See how you stack up next to others in your categories and identify areas of improvement.

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Easy & simple: analyze your performance in seconds
Detailed benchmarks for 20,000 categories
Always on bid optimization

Amplify your brand with full-funnel tactics

Power the entire funnel with Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Display, and the Amazon DSP. We combine our always on optimization with human creativity to put your brand in front of exactly the right audience at exactly the right time. Self serve and managed services are available from our expert team.

Establish credibility that extends beyond Amazon

With only a few clicks, your ASINs can be featured in both review articles off Amazon and editorials that appear within Amazon search results. These editorials tout your product benefits and add credibility to your brand leading to increases in sales and organic rank

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Getting started is easy

Everything you need to grow your ecommerce business, in one platform.