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Perpetua Expands Support for Sponsored Brands video to include UK & DE Marketplaces

By Joe Rideout on October 5, 2020

Today, we're pleased announce Perpetua's support for creating and optimizing Sponsored Brands video ads (SBv) in two additional Amazon marketplaces - United Kingdom and Germany.

Anyone who advertises on Amazon in the US, UK or Germany can access Perpetua's video creator tool, holistic reporting and AI-powered campaign optimization.

The opportunity with Sponsored Brands video

As more shoppers turn to Amazon to search and discover new products, SBv presents significant opportunities for advertisers to stand out and engage customers at high-intent moments in the buyer journey.

Our data shows that SBv is one of the most efficient ad units for advertisers, and consistently draws the highest click-through rates (CTR) compared to other Amazon ad units.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.38.07 PM.png

In March, one of our customers (a large, digitally-native supplements brand) launched Sponsored Brands video with Perpetua and saw a 14% increase in sales at at 31% lower ACOS.

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Getting Started with Sponsored Brands video and Perpetua

Perpetua can help you create video content, as well as launch and optimize the performance of your existing video content.

Create video content, in seconds.

Perpetua's preset themes are designed to comply with all of Amazon's creative guidelines and can be customized with your brand logo and colors, as well as the details of any ASIN - product name, bullets and images. You can create a video for any product in a matter of seconds.

Want an even higher level of customization? Our Creative Labs team can design a custom branded theme for you in 10 business days.

AI-powered optimization for Sponsored Brands video

Once your video is created (or uploaded), you'll select your goal, set your target ACOS and a daily budget. After that, our ad engine will go to work to maximize the performance of your campaigns. As an added bonus, if you currently leverage Amazon's Sponsored Product ads, we'll use performance data from there to hot start your Sponsored Brands video campaigns.

At Perpetua, we recognize the significance of using motion video to capture search intent on Amazon. We're very proud to be the world's first and only AI-powered optimizer for Sponsored Brands video ads in the US, UK and DE.


If you'd like help getting started with Sponsored Brands video, let us know.