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Decrease ACOS on average 14% with intraday optimization for Amazon ads

By Patrick Quaggin-Smith on October 14, 2021

For many advertisers, intraday optimization has been a highly sought after tool for their Amazon advertising campaigns. The ability to leverage hourly performance data to optimize campaigns during peak times where conversions and ACOS are best, and eliminate spend when these numbers fall, helps advertisers maximize the profitability of their spend.

However, access to the right data to execute this has been difficult. With Amazon Advertising metrics aggregated at only a daily granularity, accessing data that enables advertisers to quickly action and optimize on intraday insights has been virtually impossible. But all of this is about to change.

Perpetua's robust intraday insights leverage hourly keyword and campaign performance data from a newly available Amazon Advertising API and is coming soon to customers. As a result, advertisers will be able to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities in CPCs and conversion rates that occur throughout the day.

Early experimentation with intraday insights and bidding models have yielded encouraging results, with advertisers, on average, achieving a 14% decrease in ACOS, coupled with a 9% increase in sales.

Intraday Optimization in Perpetua

Within the Perpetua dashboard, advertisers can track keyword performance on an hourly basis and compare multiple search terms against one another to find the most efficient keywords during specific times of the day.

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Our data shows that CPCs can vary by as much as 45% throughout the day, as other advertisers exhaust budget, pause campaigns or increase bids. Conversion rates also fluctuate throughout the day, but to a lesser extent than CPCs. Combining this data allows our engine to have a β€˜heat map’ of what times of day are cheapest to acquire a customer (cost per acquisition).

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Advertisers looking to take advantage of our hourly insights beta can now apply for early access here or reach out to us at

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