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Amazon Advertising Strategies: How to protect your brand on Amazon

By Liran Hirschkorn on April 1, 2020

Many brands are hesitant to employ brand bidding as they develop their keyword strategies. We hear this question often, "If a shopper is already looking for me, why would I want to pay for their clicks?".

Liran Hirschkorn, co-founder and president of ZonMarketer sat down with us to explain why having a branded keyword strategy is a critical part of advertising on Amazon.

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0:14 Why you need a brand defence strategy 0:31 Using Perpetua to protect your brand 0:42 How much to spend on branded keywords vs. category keywords 1:00 The opportunity with branded keywords

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Using Amazon Advertising to protect your brand is really important.

The top of the search results both on mobile and on desktop are sponsored ads. That means if somebody is coming to Amazon looking for your brand name, they either have the opportunity to find you or your biggest competitors trying to target your brand name and siphon sales away.

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You want to have a strategy of using Perpetua to create a branded campaign where you can set a specific budget and ACOS target.

The reason why you want to do that and not just mix that in with your flagship category campaigns is, you might have a goal of kets say 10% ACOS for your branded terms, your conversion rate should be very very high when somebody is already searching for your brand. But, you might have a goal of 30% ACOS for category type keywords that are related to your product.

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Some of this you really need to test.

The opportunity with setting up branded campaigns is to play defence and protect your brand, while not overspending on your own branded terms because the conversion rates are very, very good.

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